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Praise For FATS

photo: Shannon McCollum

“Here is the significance of my dear brother Ed Garnes, Jr. and Sweet Tea Ethics. There is no other group in Atlanta that can bring together such engaged, high quality, and substantial dialogue about the crucial issues facing not just the black community, but also American society. He writes well, works hard and revels in the life of the mind. Thank God for brother Ed Garnes, Jr.–Dr. Cornel West Professor of Philosophy and Christian Practice Union Theological Seminary

“Brother Garnes work is cornerstone to our youth. A balance of our culture as it stands within American Culture is pivotal in positive youth development. From Afros to Shelltoes is the bridge between generations for our folks. Black America must understand our ancestors, embrace our social and cultural factors, Be Bop, Hip Hop, conservative, liberal, black and more…Black Arts embraced, appreciated and loved.”–Dr. Carl S. Taylor Professor, Department of Sociology Michigan State University; Senior Fellow, University Outreach and Engagement;Bergstrom International Fellow, Tufts University

“If what Ed Garnes has done in regards to our NCCU Hip Hop Initiative discussions and social events, for impact, is an appetizer or minute representation of From Afros to Shelltoes, I don’t know if I am ready for a full plate of what this service/ministry provides.”

Christopher “Play” Martin of legendary hip hop group Kid N Play, Artist In Residence North Carolina Central University

Photo: Shannon McCollum

“There is no movement that epitomizes the thoughts, dreams, and disillusionment of my generation better than From Afros to Shelltoes (F.A.T.S). For every young Black person that’s closer to 30 than 25, too grown for 106 & Park, but still too young for the Tom Joyner crowd, F.A.T.S is our leading voice. With their exciting mix of wit, insight, and just plain old ‘real talk,’ F.A.T.S gives voice to a generation that wants to build on the future, while learning from the mistakes of the past. If my kids are reading about From Afros to Shelltoes in their history books in 20 years, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Phonte Coleman Grammy Nominated Writer, Vocalist, Producer Member of hip hop group Little Brother and soul collective The Foreign Exchange

“From Afros to Shelltoes shows that this generation is not lost, and we recognize we have a history. We understand that our cultural identity and survival is not determined solely on what we do now, but how that connects us with who have been and who we are becoming as a people.”

Jessica Care Moore Poet, Apollo Legend, Publisher Moore Black Press

“Sweet Tea Ethics is as culturally profound as the Japanese tea ceremonies because it goes back to traditions of how we were raised in the south. Ed Garnes’ writing, teaching, and community work with From Afros To Shelltoes is very relevant, very Hip-Hop, and a very important bridge from our past to today’s sensibilities. His brilliance is committed to the values of our people in the most warm and accessible manner.” stic.man Of revolutionary hip hop collective dead prez

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