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June 4, 2014 – 9:04 am |

Award winning writer, activist, and educator Ed Garnes, founder of From Afros To Shelltoes & Sweet Tea Ethics, is featured on Episode 16 of Dr. Regina Bradley’s Outkasted Conversations?, a critically acclaimed dialogue series dedicated to thinking about the cultural and academic implications of the hip hop group Outkast.

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Alice Lovelace 100 Poems For Haiti

January 20, 2010 – 8:03 pm |

Alice Lovelace promotes art as catharsis with her latest project 100 Poems For Haiti.

Artist Fahamu Pecou Pushes Role Models

January 20, 2010 – 7:14 pm |

Artist Fahamu Pecou continues to strut his lyrical stuff pushing role models in a blog inspired by Dr. Cornel West & Sweet Tea Ethics.

ATL Loves Haiti An Event Listing

January 20, 2010 – 2:48 pm |

Here is a full list of ATL Haiti related events for the weekend of Jan 21-24. Peace & Sweet Tea!!

ATL Love Haiti A Night Of Music And Support

January 15, 2010 – 11:25 pm |

ATL: At Churchill Grounds Jazz Club, 660 Peachtree Street at 7:30 PM Love : Haiti – A Night of Music to Support the Humanitarian Effort in Haiti. Featured artists include Joi, Mausiki Scales and Common Ground Collective, Chanda McKnight, Russell Gunn, Big Rube, Avery Sunshine, Ken Ford, Luis Carreras, Vinx, DJ Vando and others.

Shannon McCollum Generation King MLK And TI

January 15, 2010 – 1:33 am |

Shannon McCollum reflects on shooting two kings: T.I. & MLK in his blog Same Camera Different Eye exclusively on From Afros To Shelltoes.

Support Jodine Dorce And The Haitian Alliance

January 14, 2010 – 1:55 am |

The Haitian natural disaster is the ultimate humanity test. And pass or fail, all people of African decent must show luv and support to our brothers and sistas in Haiti. Please support the efforts of Jodine Dorce & The Haitian Alliance.

Alice Lovelace AFSC Present Peace Legacy Of MLK

January 12, 2010 – 11:09 am |

Alice Lovelace, who I affectionately call the God Mother of From Afros To Shelltoes, is always down for the people in the most progressive ways possible. An activist who believes in art at work, she is our bridge to the past and link to future. Support her MLK Peace Legacy program Jan 14, 2010 by forwarding this info on to others, posting on your blog, and telling cool people ready for substantive change.

Ed Garnes Dr. Cornel West Discuss Sweet Tea Ethics

January 10, 2010 – 9:47 pm |

Atlanta-Jan 17,2010: For the first time ever, the critically acclaimed West brothers will speak candidly about their inspiring bond as supportive siblings in a historic dialogue with award winning writer, counselor, and producer Edward M. Garnes, Jr., founder of F.A.T.S and an Atlanta Tribune Man of Distinction. Mixing the reasoning sessions of the local barbershop and fervor of street corner theologians, the inter-generational talk will cover a wide range of topics including manhood, black love, bridging generation gaps, and the cross cultural appeal of hip hop.

Jon Goode Theresa Davis Star In Wish You Were Here

January 8, 2010 – 1:40 pm |

Sadly, poetry events have become trite try outs for a one way ticket to fame. But when an event features modern day griot Jon Goode, a blue collar poet whose corner store stories would make Amiri Baraka smile, you know there will be some truth tellin’ going on. And with cultural warriors Theresa Davis (a fiery revolutionary poet) and her mother legend/activist Alice Lovelace (the godmother of From Afros To Shelltoes) riding shot gun, history is sho nuff in the making. Catch them Jan 9 7 Stages Theater in ATL.

Polow Da Don April Bohannon Tiffany Daniel Michelle Arrington Eve of Christmas Eve Get Down

December 22, 2009 – 7:49 pm |

For a good holiday time, please support my homie’s ( i mean more than half my life, good times/bad times, ever need a place to stay, still call me by my full government name partna’s) …

Dec 11 Soul Sistas Juke Joint

December 3, 2009 – 11:35 pm |

From Afros To Shelltoes always has luv for the sistas. Soul Sista’s Juke Joint gets our red kool aid stamp of approval. Expect soul-stirring performances by Miss Soli’s Blues, Twin Spirit, Dezaray Dawn, Princess La Tremenda, Shanti Om, NuKola, Gianna, and DJ Ghost. Visual artist, GraceKisa will join the production, along with special guest, HBO DEF poet, Jon Goode. Music will be provided by The Soul Sista’s Juke Joint Band.

Shannon McCollum Certifies John Legend Cool

December 3, 2009 – 11:00 pm |

Shannon McCollum (The Gordon Parks of Hip Hop) talks John Legend in his new weekly blog “SAME CAMERA DIFFERENT EYE,” exclusively on From Afros To Shelltoes.

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